The NCA Philosophy

Developing Strong Leaders Through Stronger Friendships

nca value wheel

NCA is committed to the long-term development of our swimmers, and we believe that great attitude, effort, and focus delivers performance results both in the pool and in life.

Our coaching methodology is age based until swimmers reach high school. Coach Mickey Murad explains, “Kids are socially more comfortable with their peers, and we’ve seen this approach improve their performance across the ability spectrum.”

Swimmers who display speed or talent at a particular stroke early on are encouraged by other clubs to move up to older divisions and specialize, prioritizing the need for more yardage and time in the water over cultivating friendships within their own peer group.

This stagnates the entire program because advanced swimmers not only fail to broaden their skills but they also struggle to bond with their older teammates. It also weakens the whole program by segmenting team members, which prevents swimmers from training with the fastest swimmers in their cohort.

We believe the whole team benefits from age-group curriculum because it creates diversity in every lane. The onus is then on our coaches to challenge all swimmers to become leaders everyday. The result is more than just a team that develops rapidly with swimmers pushing each other hard at practice; it is a team bonded by strong friendships.

Our coaches use the NCA Value Wheel regularly on deck to reinforce our expectations. The foundation of the wheel is our Mission: To Develop Student Athletes with Great Character.

When swimmers practice and apply each piece of the Value Wheel, the result is an athlete who learns life skills through competitive swimming. Nothing brings our coaches more pride than student athletes who demonstrate strong characters not only at the pool but in life.