NCA Breaks at the Beach

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August 8, 2017
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October 17, 2017
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NCA Breaks at the Beach

Even when taking a pause from the pool, you can’t keep some NCA swimmers out of the water. Taking the lead, Coach Neily hosted NCA Beach Week in Oceanside at Tyson Street for ocean fun with 50 swimmers and a handful of parents.

Swimmers going beyond the surf line for longer swims were pair together while Coach Neily stayed with swimmers who could only get through a few waves and wanted to be closer to shore. Her lessons included how to go “under” the waves and how to catch them to come in more quickly.

“The main goal of this experience was to teach them be the confident swimmers they are and to translate those skills to swimming in the ocean while having fun,” she shared.

Swimmers participated in running, run/swim/runs, and other games, including capture the flag. Most of the group completed junior guards this summer; however, those who did not completed beach week with the confidence to join next summer.

“I wanted to teach them that the ocean is a big swimming pool, but you need to respect what it serves us. It is okay to be scared, and you can tackle those fears with coping mechanisms just like we talk about in competitive swimming, ” Neily said.

Overall, the swimmers were simply awesome, demonstrating the same work ethic coached on the pool deck using the NCA Value Wheel and translating that to ocean swimming. No one wanted to go home when sessions ended, and the time went by in a blink, which is a good indication that everyone had fun.

The week wrapped up with a potluck that offered so much food that families fed the lifeguards, other beachgoers, and residents who lived on the strand!

It is was a successful week and most certainly something to look forward to next summer!