Kay Pentz Memorial College Scholarship

Kay Pentz Memorial College Scholarship

Kay Pentz was a NCA parent and dedicated volunteer who died of cancer in 1995. This memorial scholarship fund was created as a tribute to her generously kind and giving spirit.

NCA Boosters manages the Kay Pentz Scholarship program, which is funded by individual donations and money allocated by vote of the Executive Board. The scholarships are awarded based on the decision of the Scholarship Selection Committee in accordance with the following criteria:

Eligibility for Scholarship

Scholarship applicants shall be current or former NCA swimmers who participated on the team (at any program level) for a minimum of 2 years during their 9th through 12th grade high school years. They must meet the eligibility requirements established by the NCAA for the current year of the application and be accepted into an accredited institution of higher education.

Terms of Scholarship

The scholarship is a single grant, not a recurring annual scholarship.

Amount of Scholarship

The total amount available for all annual scholarships will be determined by a vote of the NCA Booster’s Executive Board. The Scholarship Committee will make individual scholarship decisions based upon eligibility, the overall quality of the application, and the amount of money available.

Scholarship Selection Committee

The Scholarship Selection Committee will be comprised of the Scholarship Committee Chair (appointed by the NCA Booster’s President), and up to 4 additional NCA Booster's board members and NCA member parents.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria may be used in determining the scholarship recipients:

  • Years of membership with NCA (minimum of 2 years during 9th-12th grades)
  • Attendance at NCA practices
  • Financial need
  • Special contributions and/or service to NCA (family and swimmer)
  • Special contributions and/or service to local community (swimmer)
  • Future plans and goals