My First Swim Meet

My First Swim Meet


  • Check out the events section in Team Unify and "edit commitment" for meets that your swimmer qualifies for!
  • Choose individual races, indicate special needs through the events portal.
  • Make sure to "save changes" on your meet sign up!!
  • Coaches with then go through the races you signed up for and can approve and/or add more events at their discretion.
  • Use the "Job Sign Up" tab to sign up for timing seats, etc.
  • You will be billed directly through TU and emailed by your coach when you're swimmers' entries are approved.


  • Organized by A/B/C levels, with A being at the top.
  • All time standards are posted on the San Diego Swimming website!
  • As swimmers go to more meets, they are given the opportunity to achieve higher standards.
  • Go beyond A times (JO Qualifications, Zones/Far Westerns, etc).
JO = Junior Olympics (and beyond)Specific times usually above A times
A TimesOne step below JO
B TimesOne step below A
C TimesAll times below B standards
  • Meets can be combined (A/B, B/C, A/B/C meets).
  • Coaches have the discretion of signing swimmers up for meets above their qualifications in specific cases - contact us!

I'm qualified and signed up, now what?

  • Meet information, including timelines, heat sheets (if available), venue info, etc, is always sent out before the start of the meet via email.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early before designated warm-up times (yes, it might be early!!)
  • Make sure to bring your NCA gear:
    1. Cap and goggles
    2. NCA suit
    3. Parka/warm shoes/hats (important to stay warm!)
    4. Towels (1 per event)
    5. Snacks and drinks!
    6. Sharpie for "arm-marks"
  • When swimmers check their posted heats and lanes they should write it down on their arms:
    1. Event #
    2. Heat
    3. Lane
  • Swimmers ALWAYS check in and out with their coaches before races.
  • We encourage the swimmers to come up to us on their own, without parents. Parents can stand outside the tarps.
  • DO NOT try to talk to the officials, they are busy. If you have questions or concerns, come directly to us and we will try to settle the matter.
  • Directly approaching an official could result in removal from the deck.
  • As per USA Swimming, there is NO photography behind the blocks/starting area.
  • Swimmers race hard and HAVE FUN!
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