Everyone Participates

Your Child Will Never Sit On The Bench At NCA

participation1Families have a lot of options when choosing their children’s extracurricular activities, and the process of helping a child discover his or her passions sometimes requires some stops and starts. Before you pay for another expensive horseback riding camp or acquire a closet full of discarded shoulder pads and helmets, you may want to consider the value of joining a year-round swim team. Not only will your child develop a consistent relationship with staying active and working hard, you’ll get more for your bucks.

“In swimming everyone participates and improves so there’s more ‘playing time,’” says NCA Coach Michael Galindo. “There’s no time on the bench during competition or in practice. Every person on the team is doing the same workout as the top-rated swimmer, and everyone in the group is expected to compete with him or herself.”

Families appreciate the positive environment.

"The coaches appreciate hard work and not just results and talent," says Julianna Szabo. "Coaches pay attention to all NCA swimmers at meets. The club has excellent team spirit and sportsmanship instilled by the coaches."

Likewise, the fees associated with swimming are less expensive than most seasonal football, soccer, and gymnastics programs—all of which require major time commitments at multiple practices and games per week. NCA Swim events are hosted at your local pool, and kids can practice as little as one time per week.

Of course, the greatest return on investment is priceless. “Parents care about their money improving a child’s performance,” says NCA Coach Mickey Murad. “They also know that their kids are learning more than how to swim fast at age 15. They’re learning the skill sets and values they’ll take with them throughout their lives.” Talk to a coach about getting started.