Getting Started

Being Placed On An NCA Swim Team Is Easy

join a swim team

Getting started at NCA is a simple 3-step process.

First, parents should submit a request to meet with a coach. A member of the NCA staff will respond within 24 hours to get acquainted with your family and schedule a swimmer assessment.

Next, parents and prospective swimmers will come to one of NCA’s facilities for the assessment. Participants should be prepared to swim the length of the pool four times, demonstrating each competitive stroke. The session will take approximately 15 minutes. The only equipment required is a cap and goggles. It is preferable that swimmers do not wear rashguards or swim shirts.

join a swim team

Finally, when the assessment has been made, families will receive an email detailing the swimmer’s times, along with an invitation to participate in a team swim. This will be an opportunity to be part of a group session, and families will have a chance to interact with NCA coaches and our student-athletes.

When these three steps are completed, you’ll have a week to decide if NCA is the right fit for your family.

Learn what it’s like to be a swim family.